Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Qash Moved On

Capsuleer report 24112010-1
After watching some of the Alliance policties over the last couple of day, I have left the corp and SYS-K.
I know I was't alone in this. Volatile Nature, Knights Of Divinity and Awww Diddums Corps leaving at the same time. The Alliance council really need to listen to the players, I'm not saying do what they say, but just listen.

It wasn't enjoyable, I have limited time online so I have moved on.

Now what, yeap, I have moved into a small corp raiding wormholes, from Highsec at the moment. Hopefully finding a wormhole to live in, fingers crossed.

Note to self: w-space, I forgot much fun this was :)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Qash In Need?

Capsuleer report 11112010-1
? for SYS-K.

I haven't posted for some time as I have been ill.

I was involved in a Home Defence that was a major fail!!!

Again White Noise invaded the Home systems. We took them on as normal, after the first engagement we should of backed of. But no with the latest lost of the main Alliance FC, leaving SYS-K, the alliance has grown too many heads (FCs).

In the end CAPs entered the battle, which we couldn't win. The call was to get the CAPs off the field. To a point I did a suicide run with my Guardian to rep the CAPs long enough to get them off the field.

I lost a Guardian, Rook and a Muninn but the CAPs (all of them left the field no CAP killmail).

0.0 politics has kicked in and PB isn't a nice place to play at the moment. Am I have fun, NOT REALLY!

Is it time to rethink my position? I had applied for a council position on the Corp leadership. But I'm thinking more to leaving not increasing my involvement.

Note to self: Am I having fun?