Monday, 2 September 2013

Qash Free-2-Play EvE (I Can)

Capsuleer report 20130902-1

27days in and I have purchased 2 PLEX for a total of 1083.98 Mil IS, I needed to shop around but with 3 days to ago, I can play for free EvE for both accounts, playing the way I like. This wasn't doing any type of pvp, so no losses. 

I have played over this period on average 2hrs a day.

Manufacturing does make a big increase in the profit of the minerals, but you need to research the items sold.

Spending loyalty points and selling scrap, has made an increase in profits. I have averaged 800 isk per LP which to me I don't think is too bad.

With 3 days to go, whats my Profit over the 30 day?? 2x PLEX and ??? Mil ISK

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Qash Free-2-Play EvE Day 21

Capsuleer report 20130827-1

21days in, the manufacturing profit has kicked in
I'm ahead now for the next 3 days of the running target

I wasn't quick enough to get the 400% profit on the my manufacturing I was looking at earlier. Still got a 350% profit but it meant spending more time shipping the goods around. 
I have a few manufacturing jobs left to sell off, before the 30 days, but not making as much profit as I did this weekend.

I'll run so more mission, to keep the trend above target hopefully, if RL doesn't interfere :)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Qash Free-2-Play EvE Day 14

Capsuleer report 20130820-1

14 days still below par.
I have revisited the PLEX prices as these have gone up to 551 mil ISK each in Jita, thats 36.73mil ISK a day. :(

I'm 49.6mil ISK short at the moment, after the revised PLEX pricing.

I'm doing what I want, but I must admit, I'd build an Orca a month normally. Running missions and mining, some exploration, invention etc.  which the reprocessed modules and bounties pay for the high end minerals I'm missing.
I have noticed the price of the Orca has dropped. I sold one last month for 690 mil ISK that to me is around 115% profit. but the price has dropped to around 615 mil ISK, a big drop.
I suspect I'd not normally think about it but the goal of having to earn enough ISK for Free-2-Play makes me look more closely at my manufacturing. I have spotted an item I can make 400% profit on. Sounds good, we will see.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Qash Free-2-Play EvE Day 7

Capsuleer report 20130813-1

7 days passed I'm surprised on just playing EVE how I like to, is providing enough ISK, I normal buy things I don't really need, but just wanted to fly :)
I have been running missions (6 hrs), mining (6hrs), exploration (2hrs) and manufacturing/trading (5hrs 15 mins). I have played for 19hrs 15mins, I still didn't realize I played that much :)

I'm 58.7mil ISK short at the moment, but I haven't built anything to sell, I'm look to build a large ship to sell as I think it will give me the max. profit, but it may take along time to built so I'm not starting until I have all the required parts. If I don't manage to get everything I'll change my plan and just built smaller vessels, but as many as I can. 

As for salvage I've noticed I can make more ISK just selling it directly, unless I need to make my own use rigs. 

LP are building up nicely, suspect, look at either ammo or implants, to sell.

900.7mil ISK in 21days to go :)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Qash Free-2-Play EvE Day 2

Capsuleer report 20130808-1

So far I have run missions for a day and mined for a day. Just doing what I normally enjoy doing. I didn't want this to be a 'try and make billions' this is, do I make enough to have the game 'free-2-play'; how I like playing EVE?

I have a policy of once I have manufactured all the runs on a BPC that I purchase a new one with the profit, using an existing BPC and from refining the mission loot, I have manufactured a ship, and sold it. I also sell the Meta4 Items from the loot that I don't use, to purchase minerals that I require.

I have played for 5hrs 45mins, I didn't realise I played for that long.

But I'm already 13.7mil ISK behind goal, hoping that this will resolve itself once the salvage builds up, then I'll either make rigs or sell it directly. Also I'm for the first time looking at how to spend the LP from missions. I have a few ideas ;)

1038.5mil ISK in 28days to go :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Qash Still Here

Capsuleer report 20130608-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,882th

I haven't updated this blog is a while, as I have been re-structuring my EVE life. I'm in hi-sec mining, industrial, trading and PvE. Although not as exciting as PvP, I'm starting to enjoy it.

I love reading others blog, as this helps try new things. Which has me thinking; how easy is really to live in Hi-sec and have EVE; free-to-play. I have two accounts, which I've discovered is helpful in the world of EVE to do many things.

Goal: Can I make EVE; free-to-play?

So at Jita prices: How much is a 30day PLEX = Selling at 549mil ISK (today)

To play for free I need to have made 1098mil isk every 30days, so can I?
That is making 36.6mil ISK a day. (Not include any market orders I have already setup.)

  1.1bil ISK in 30days here goes :p

Friday, 1 March 2013

Qash Next Step

Capsuleer report 20130103-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 25,552th

Ended the month with 66 kills, very happy.

As Eve is an MMO its important to listen to your fellow pilots. Things are afoot, within the corp, lets see what comes out of the corp meetings. 

I have some changes of direction in mind, but haven't as yet 100% planned it out. I'd really like to look into more of the industry side of Eve. More now as after the changes in Eve with T1 haul ships, that can be used in pvp, which I can build maybe worth investing some time in. 

I have played eve now for 5 years, its gone so fast :D

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Qash on the UP

Capsuleer report 20132602-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 25,529th

Whats happened!

Kills over the last 26 days equal '66', which has made me very pleased. Drama Llamas which has allied itself with a local Alliance has helped. As my online time is split between the end of EU and the start of US, which can be a pain to join in the small roaming gangs that I like.

Providence has been nice to me ;)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Qash Change of Fortune

Capsuleer report 20131802-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,264th

What a pain this month, but also a new beginning.

Kills over 1 a day (38 so far) which I'd like to keep up as Drama Llama is a PVP Corp, 'not very many' you may say, but as I'm only a couple of hours a week pilot, I'm happy.

So out of 0.0, WHY?
It would seem from the information I've been told the Alliance 'Dark Therapy' wasn't active enough, and lost? gave up it's space? So it was move as quickly as we could out of 0.0. I was starting to get settled, I enjoyed flying in the TEST fleets, more for the comms banter then anything else. Then again, this is EVE and thing change. I wish I had my own carrier but to tell the truth for the expense how often would I use it?

Back now to how I first started in Dramas, on the edge of Provi, small gang warfare, roaming and camping gates. Also with the move it would seem we have gained some allies in the 'Alliance' Dark Taboo, within a couple of days, I'm enjoying flying with them :) it's as though we have been with them for months. Love it.

I have also my first bounty placed on me. '1 Million ISK' I won't call myself a 'Pirate', more a 'Hired Gun' but it would seem I upset someone enough for them to add a bounty on my head. 

With the changes to ships in the winter expansion, I've not been flying Tech2 ships mainly flying Tech1 cruisers. I haven't found the one I like the most yet, the Thorax is a bruiser, but I'm finding it limiting. I have been using a Stabber, I have had more kills in this.

A nice Blog about the ships in EVE is The Altruist's (Have a read)

Need to make isk, as always :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Qash Missed Goal in Jan...

Capsuleer report 20133101-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,097th
Goal: (31 kills: only 17)

Missed my goal of 31 kills for Jan 2013, only 17 confirmed, :(

So for Feb need to improve, but I must admit I find it hard to find 1v1 or 1v2 pvp, in 0.0. But that is normally my fault as I'm airing on the side of my survivability. When in FW I found that I hit everyone as I had to commit before I know who I was fighting, now I have normally a good idea who and what, so therefore I don't engage if they look bigger or stronger.

Anyway still only getting my feet under the table in 0.0. Dramas as before, which I'm happy with.

Also I was podded this month and it surprised me the cost of the replacement clone (I need 92.5mil SP clone). Thinking of looking at training my alts, other than my main. Need to look into this more.

Goal setting for Feb, thinking....

Monday, 14 January 2013

Qash So far...Pt2

Capsuleer report 20131401-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,144th
Goal: (31 kills: 12 so far)

A gang was call as some neuts (one in a Machariel) entered our home system, so I jumped into a DPS (Talos). After a small chase lost them...

But as the gang was out we reviewed the intel channels looking for targets. The main problem is that as our Alliance is part of a larger coalition, where some of our reds and neuts are others blues.

But we heard that a some gate camp had been setup in the pipe, so we made our way to the area, Taranis (8), was taken down, but the others in the gate camp ran to a station which their could dock into.

There was a small gang 5 jumps away, causing issues so we engaged. As always the Intel doesn't tell the whole story but we are Drama Llama so jumped in;
Dramas (Broadsword, Ishtar, Huginn, 2x Talos, Tornado & Hound)
AAA (Curse, Rapier, Talos, 2x Canes, Sabre, 2x interceptors and a new Destroyer)

The triple A Talos(9) was called Primary but it seemed that they call one of our Talos Primary too so very quickly a Talos each down. I was then hit hard by the Curse, totally neuted out, but lucky for me AAA took on our hound first so I had time to hit back on the Curse(10) with drones which went down. I was next but I hit the Rapier(11) as hard as I could before going down, making me top damage dealer on the killmail. We lost that fight, we lost all but the Broadsword for them to only lose a Talos, Curse, Rapier and Sabre.

The next day we had a late roam in Provi, T1 cruisers, 16 of us, a Rupture(12) kill, but the roam was cut short when we ran into a 74 strong frigate fleet. I was Primary so I was back warm in station in a new clone.

To be continued...

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Qash So far...Pt1

Capsuleer report 20131101-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,118th
Goal: (31 kills: 7 so far)

With a Thrasher, which I've had for ages, started a solo roam in Provi. Not much until I reached 3D-CGU jumped through the gate next to a merlin, but he warped before I could lock. So I jumped into F-YH5B, only to discover a small gang, small stuff, 2x Jags, a Dramiel and some others. I jumped back to 3D-CGU and warped off the gate, their followed, so I decided this was it. I needed to split them up with luck on my side their split the gang to cover the gates but I'd already jumped out and jumped back in from another system. Luck would have it there was a single Jag, so uncloaking we engaged each other. Now my two big mistakes. I had only EMP ammo and I forgot to overheat, this is what happens when you don't keep practicing pvp. Anyway this took too much time and one of his friends arrived in a dramiel. So one lost Thrasher :( but it was a gf.

Second roam I was in a slasher but all quiet. So I was returning when as I warped to a point off the Keberz gate in HED when there was a small fleet fight so I warped in. This resulted getting on a pod and a Scimitar kill.

To be continued...

Monday, 7 January 2013

Qash New Year Roam

Capsuleer report 20130701-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,131th
Goal: (31 kills: 5 so far)

Good start, joined the first roam of the year, and back to pew pew.
It was a slow start sitting on a gate awaiting all to turn up, resulting in my Ares being bombed twice. Repaired in station first time second couldn't be bothered. As this roam was geared up for a 'Ship out, pod back'. Which it ended up for most of us!

First jump, engaged/destroyed a Sabre(1) + pod(2)

After a few jumps and a bit of maneuvering around so not to be engaged by blobs. The next kill was a Retriever(3), easy pop, with the bonus of the pilot giving me a payout on his bounty: 9K isk.

Finally a Rapier on gate, lucky our scout was on the other side of the gate where the Rapiers friend where, so after around a minute of locking each other, our FC told us to jump into the opposing gang.

Dramas (4x T1 cruisers, 4x T1/T2 Frigates and 2x Dessie/DIC)
Black Wing (Talos,Drake,Rapier,Huginn,Curse,Cynabal & Scimitar) 

Cynabal(4) was called Primary which when down fairly fast, the next call was the Curse but for some reason within my overheated scram range was the Scimitar(5), so I steamed into a tight orbit of the scimitar, scram on (so his MWD wouldn't help him and started to fire). It wasn't long before I was getting damage from the Drake who was hitting me fairly hard so I turned off my MWD which reduced the damage. I bailed once (as the Scimitar went pop) I was in structure, arrived at a safe with 26% structure, with the fire streaming from may ship (I love that affect).
The rest of the gang was still calling targets, but when most of our T1 cruisers (DPS) was out of the fight, I stayed out of range.

Dramas (Rupture, Keres, Rifter & my Ares left, losses total: 273.8Mil ISK )
Black Wing (Talos, Drake & Rapier, losses total: 804.9Mil ISK)

Techically, we lost the fight, as their stayed on the field and we lost the kill ration 6:4.
BUT the ISK damage of 804.9mil to 273.8mil was for me the story to tell. Also the aim of the Roam was to have a good fight, which it was.

Note to Self - January, goal (1 kill a day)