Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Qash Free-2-Play EvE Day 14

Capsuleer report 20130820-1

14 days still below par.
I have revisited the PLEX prices as these have gone up to 551 mil ISK each in Jita, thats 36.73mil ISK a day. :(

I'm 49.6mil ISK short at the moment, after the revised PLEX pricing.

I'm doing what I want, but I must admit, I'd build an Orca a month normally. Running missions and mining, some exploration, invention etc.  which the reprocessed modules and bounties pay for the high end minerals I'm missing.
I have noticed the price of the Orca has dropped. I sold one last month for 690 mil ISK that to me is around 115% profit. but the price has dropped to around 615 mil ISK, a big drop.
I suspect I'd not normally think about it but the goal of having to earn enough ISK for Free-2-Play makes me look more closely at my manufacturing. I have spotted an item I can make 400% profit on. Sounds good, we will see.

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