Thursday, 8 August 2013

Qash Free-2-Play EvE Day 2

Capsuleer report 20130808-1

So far I have run missions for a day and mined for a day. Just doing what I normally enjoy doing. I didn't want this to be a 'try and make billions' this is, do I make enough to have the game 'free-2-play'; how I like playing EVE?

I have a policy of once I have manufactured all the runs on a BPC that I purchase a new one with the profit, using an existing BPC and from refining the mission loot, I have manufactured a ship, and sold it. I also sell the Meta4 Items from the loot that I don't use, to purchase minerals that I require.

I have played for 5hrs 45mins, I didn't realise I played for that long.

But I'm already 13.7mil ISK behind goal, hoping that this will resolve itself once the salvage builds up, then I'll either make rigs or sell it directly. Also I'm for the first time looking at how to spend the LP from missions. I have a few ideas ;)

1038.5mil ISK in 28days to go :)

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