Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Qash In 0.0 (Normal Night)

Capsuleer report 28092010-1

Home Defence was called as I login.
Some cloaky Brick Gang (5 of) hovering around PB.
I join in my Onyx but before long the requirement for Logistics gets me back into my Scimitar, ended up me on my own.
We trapped them in a system, but cloaky fags, just cloaked in system, until we got bored.
I afk'd for a bit, which i missed the continued chase of Brick gang as their number had grown to 7.
But it ended: Cloaky Fags 0 Home Defence 0

I did alittle ratting, i need the isk. Corp looking to run some 10/10 plex.

Note to Self - Prep skills for Blood Raider 10/10.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Qash In Mining (Corp Op)

Capsuleer report 27092010-1

Disappointing for a corp of 79, only 3 or 4 turn up and only 2 of these could mining.

Thats the way it goes.

I can mine for mercoxit now, by god it is slow.

Note to Self - sort my skills out!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Qash on CTA (Time limits set by RL)

Capsuleer report 24092010-1
A CTA was call 'bc shield' order of the day. Great time to get in my favourite ship, the 'Scimitar'.
It seems we were called in to assist IT take another station from -A- in 5-N2EY.
Using the jump bridges we travel to Catch quickly. There was a report on a 40 man (Drunk GanG) in the area. Which we met in X4-WL0. It ended in a stand-off, with a kill of a Malediction but a loss of a Raptor, DRAW!
The fleet broadcasts for reps from us logistics kept others from showing up in the killboard. We held the ground so gave me time, as I carry Armour maintenance bots, to repair any Armour damage (we nearly lost a Malediction ourselves, I noticed as I was repping, seeing it in structure).
Then we carried on to destination.
bm the 'red' iHub and a 'safe' PoS in system. This is when it got very boring. No information coming from the top, it seems that IT where busy reinforcing other stations, so we sat in the Safe PoS for over 3 hours.
[I have only around a 5 hour window and 4 hours had past and I'm sitting in 'red' space - in a logistics.]
When some of my fellow corp mates, in corp chat called it a night, and said they would burn back to PB. I joined them.
Nothing of interest, one system with 5 neuts, but no gate camp so we burned through. Although there was a cloaky Loki - thought better of it - and seemed to cloak up on the gate as we jumped through.
I was in home systems, before long. So I did what I have been trying to do for a couple of weeks. Clone jump to my +4 clone, which I stupidly moved into 0.0, during my move into PB and move it back to Hi Sec (in a cloaky Cheetah). I didn't get to my Hi Sec systems I base myself out of, for PI and industrial pursuits. As I ran out of time, continue next time.
Note to Self - Check your Clone!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Qash In Home Defence (Blue On Blue)

Capsuleer report 23092010-1
Started as normal quiet evening, ratting a couple of blood raider anomalies.
When a bc Alliance roam was called, all reds/neuts in Paragon Soul/Esoteria were docked or Ctrl+Q as we got close.

The fun part started later, I was sitting at the 1-NJLK gate in VR-YIQ when a Dramiel warped at zero to the gate. So I instantly (as much as a Cyclone can) lock and start shoting, but he just MWD to over 200km from me. I relayed the info back to Alliance. A Home Defence fleet was being call as it seem the Dramiel was a scout for a sb gang heading inbound.
I joined the fleet and swapped for my Onyx.
First mistake I made was warping back to the VR-YIQ/1-NJLK gate and bubbled up. Why? God knows, surrounded by two dramiels, about 10 hounds, Curse and a Scimitar.
Lucky, one, I think the sb gang (HYDRA RELOADED) thought I was bait and which I didn't know, two, they had other plans. They headed for EIMJ-M.
I had managed to sort myself out and join the rest of the Home Defense fleet, tail between my legs :(. I wasn't the only one, being stupid, tonight. A Blue Nighthawk was killed in VR-YIQ, just before my bubble on the gate brain freeze.
Now it seemed that a carrier was being tackled in EIMJ-M by a blue. (Whom we found out very quickly was working with this sb gang).
We jumped in and warped to assist the carrier. 2 kills (Dramiel and a Hound) of which my bubble got me on the Dramiel kill and we had no losses.

All I can say was we all got a mouth full from the FC, as either of these where called Primary.

Minilynx (the blue turncoat).
As these KB kills where posted very quickly.
'Thanatos'; 'Tengu'; 'Tengu'
But we know now he was working for the sb gang, Minilynx was killed trying, it looks like, tackling another Tengu. After being kicked from his corp. 'Vigil'
Hooray :) Although I guess there needs to be some diplo working with IT over this.
Another Dramiel was killed by the the Home Defence Fleet (well see the kill mail) 'Dramiel' on Dramiel.
It now seemed a stand off. The rest of the sb gang safe or cloaked, us camping gates.
The Home Defence fleet was stood down, as stalemate was the conclusion.
Note to Self - Think before warp. Doh!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Qash In Eve (Me)

Capsuleer report 22092010-2

So who is Jonie Qash. Pre-clone 2008.01 41+Mil SP.

Now member of:

Corp logo

Ascendancy. [ASY.]

Corp logo

Systematic-Chaos [SYS-K]

But I have a fairly healthly employment history.

  • Started in Q'Ruszee Clan [QRUS], great group of pilots, mainly geared around Mining and Missioning, which was a great step up for me in EVE, steady income.
  • I joined Tribal Liberation Force [TLIB] for pvp but found it full of ego fuelled kids, so went back to [QRUS].
  • The Fated [FATED], wornhole living, again great group of pilots, earned alot of isk. Got my first kill here.
  • Mercurialis Inc. [MINC], 0.0 pew pew (Wildly Inapproprate Alliance). Just a number, couldn't produce enough isk to support pvp, great forum, tons of information.
  • The Order of Odin [TOOO] & Valkyries Of Odin [V00] back to wormholes and isk making. great pilots corps alittle bit disorganised, earned a Loki hull from corp. Started Drug manufacture (Boosters) in PoS.
  • The Orphanage [-T-O-] this corp small but learnt loads about invention, scanning, and Caps and T2 manufacture. But Low Sec living is alittle slow.
  • Now Ascendancy. [ASY.] 0.0 pew pew, more than just a number now. Let see how it goes.

Must mention my bestest EVE mates, which I have ran with these last 18 months D'Antrim and EvilBstard, thanks for getting me hooked on EVE.

Qash On a Roam (Better then a spin in station)

Capsuleer report 22092010-1

Quiet night, so went on a roam through Stain/Esoteria. In af, dic & inty (I was in a Wolf), Alliance (SYS-K).
A pod kill was about it, no losses.

Although we had to play safe in DTX8-M, with what looked like a Coven,Stain & Vera Cruz combined fleet, trapping us between their jump bridges. A bit of smack in local, before our scout call out.

It seems that a Apocalypse (Named: I'm not bait) had warped to a belt when a True Sansha's Overlord appeared, so had seemed to start ratting.

We all warped to the last location of the Apoc, but I suspect we were seen as it never came back. So down with the rat. 1.9mil isk (1/10th share, nice bounty even after Corp Tax), better than nothing, .

Then we headed home, a small chase of a hauler but it escaped into a PoS. The way home was clear, but then again we met up with another Alliance roam (in HACs) so the combined count was over 20, so it was an event free burn home.

Note to Self - Train for a Sabre

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Qash In Eve (Intro)

Capsuleer report 21092010-1

As this is my first post.
'Hello' fellow EVE pilots.

This is just so I can put my thoughts down, about my life in EVE.

I'll talk about myself later, but I'll driven to write this after a gate camp I was involved in, with fellow Alliance members (SYS-K). Awaiting a Stealth Bomber Gang to jump in.

When over the comms - 'Jonie Qash - you'll never lock anyone, there!' "In harsh tone" (Not the FC).
But before I could ask where should I be, the FC tells us all to be at 'Zero'

Well for me FC is in charge. So from orbiting the gate at 500m, at Zero I went.

Where should I of been?
I wish I'd asked 'Where should I be?' I'm not an experienced inty pilot, my first real flight in anger. Warp disrupter range over 22km, I thought the point was for me to lock the 'sb' before it could cloak and stop in warping off. With the gate jump being 15-18km from zero from the gate.

Note to Self - Ask next time?