Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Qash on ISK (Cont. pt3)

Capsuleer report 18012012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 45,433th

Final Update: Invent and Produce Hulks to make ISK.

Invented: Hulk BPC (x2)
Produced: R.A.M Starship tech & Construction Blocks
Purchased: Materials for Components,Covetors and Morphite.

Manufactured: Components and Hulks
Sold on the Market: 2x Hulks (192mil after TAX)
Cost to date: 332,000,000 isk (+3hrs)
Real cost to me: 283,500,000 isk

Profit: 384 mil - 332 mil = 52 Mil isk (or 17.3 mil isk per hour)
Real Profit to me: 384 mil - 283.5 mil = 100.5 mil isk (or 33.5 mil isk per hour)

Comment: For the amount of time spent, it is worth doing as extra income but the amount of time in the whole process (started this at the end of November 2011), with manufacturing times etc, on the market, a total of 51 days. that would equal around 1 mil isk per day.

Other news.
Lost my Ishtar running a 4/10 DED in low-sec plex. My own fault didn't warp off when I should of as I was rushing to kill the Faction Ship, before the pvp fleet roam. I did get the Faction loot and the salvage from the 4/10 and my Ishtar, but I lost over a 100 million isk.
Really need to improve skills or plex ship setup.

Note to Self - Standardize Ship types for pew pew.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Qash on ISK (Cont. pt2)

Capsuleer report 11012012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 45,498th

Update: Invent and Produce Hulks to make ISK.

Invented: Hulk BPC (x2)
Produced: R.A.M Starship tech & Construction Blocks
Purchased: Covetors and Morphite.
Cost: 84,010,000 isk (+1.5 hours)
Real cost to me: 35,250,000 isk (as BPCs, datacores and decrytors from loot or research agents)

After some investigations I have purchased the Complex Reactions as I have the construction BPO (ME researched), that are required. I now have all the required parts to start making these two Hulks. (I use Dedaf's industrial tool, excel spreadsheet).

Just shipping the items to my manufacturing base.

Cost to date: 330,714,000 isk (+2hrs)
Real cost to me: 281,954,000 isk

It would seem the amount of time I need to spent on this isn't that high. Ok, the manufacturing jobs take days, but I can do other things. (mainly pew pew).

Other news.
Sold my Golem :( I wasn't running missions and I don't wish to change my faction standings too much. I can move around High sec if needed. Anyway, for Corp standings I have a Tengu for Level 3 grinding, it's quicker.

Also I'm looking at implants, need to standardize my Hardwired implants, in my jump clones, to what I fly. Instead of fitting what I have.

Pew Pew is going great. I had the 2nd top number of kills for December2011, so the Corp has a monthly reward scheme '80 million isk' for me.

I'm running low-sec plex (In an Ishtar, with Sentries) to make pin money. Also as I have pvp'd in low sec need to keep my Security Standings, above -1.99.

Note to Self - Standardize Ship types for pew pew, as I can fly all races now, it's tempting to fly allsorts.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Qash In a New Year

Capsuleer report 03012012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 47,388th
New Year to Everyone.

Whats going on, in Drama Llamas? Mainly Frigate gank roams. Which have been a great success for me, I think. I have reached over 50 kills a month (last three months), best ever, starting to enjoy pvp alittle too much.

Haven't touched my Hulk BPC as the price of raw goods has made this not worth the effort, at this moment in time.

Running around in T3 cruisers, I can fly all 4 races. But still finding it hard to find a good role, Tengu seems to be best in the PvE mission role. Legion, Proteus and the Loki, the cost to loss ratio to high (for me) to PvP in. As it doesn't matter how good these are if you get blobbed, you will die.

Note to Self - Need to make more isk, but how? That is the question, I have some idea's. Lets see..