Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Qash on ISK (Cont. pt2)

Capsuleer report 11012012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 45,498th

Update: Invent and Produce Hulks to make ISK.

Invented: Hulk BPC (x2)
Produced: R.A.M Starship tech & Construction Blocks
Purchased: Covetors and Morphite.
Cost: 84,010,000 isk (+1.5 hours)
Real cost to me: 35,250,000 isk (as BPCs, datacores and decrytors from loot or research agents)

After some investigations I have purchased the Complex Reactions as I have the construction BPO (ME researched), that are required. I now have all the required parts to start making these two Hulks. (I use Dedaf's industrial tool, excel spreadsheet).

Just shipping the items to my manufacturing base.

Cost to date: 330,714,000 isk (+2hrs)
Real cost to me: 281,954,000 isk

It would seem the amount of time I need to spent on this isn't that high. Ok, the manufacturing jobs take days, but I can do other things. (mainly pew pew).

Other news.
Sold my Golem :( I wasn't running missions and I don't wish to change my faction standings too much. I can move around High sec if needed. Anyway, for Corp standings I have a Tengu for Level 3 grinding, it's quicker.

Also I'm looking at implants, need to standardize my Hardwired implants, in my jump clones, to what I fly. Instead of fitting what I have.

Pew Pew is going great. I had the 2nd top number of kills for December2011, so the Corp has a monthly reward scheme '80 million isk' for me.

I'm running low-sec plex (In an Ishtar, with Sentries) to make pin money. Also as I have pvp'd in low sec need to keep my Security Standings, above -1.99.

Note to Self - Standardize Ship types for pew pew, as I can fly all races now, it's tempting to fly allsorts.

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