Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Qash In a New Year

Capsuleer report 03012012-1

Killboard Review: qash.griefwatch.net
Battleclinic rated 47,388th
New Year to Everyone.

Whats going on, in Drama Llamas? Mainly Frigate gank roams. Which have been a great success for me, I think. I have reached over 50 kills a month (last three months), best ever, starting to enjoy pvp alittle too much.

Haven't touched my Hulk BPC as the price of raw goods has made this not worth the effort, at this moment in time.

Running around in T3 cruisers, I can fly all 4 races. But still finding it hard to find a good role, Tengu seems to be best in the PvE mission role. Legion, Proteus and the Loki, the cost to loss ratio to high (for me) to PvP in. As it doesn't matter how good these are if you get blobbed, you will die.

Note to Self - Need to make more isk, but how? That is the question, I have some idea's. Lets see..

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