Monday, 19 December 2011

Qash in Phobia.

Capsuleer report 19122011-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 57,843th

Been working with our new German friends, Brothers of Destiny. We joined their Alliance, Phobia. to increase numbers online and they seem to have the same policies about playing eve as Drama Llama.
So far, so good.

What this has done for me (Jonie) is moved fleets start-up in more EU timezone. So I can do more. There are still some later, so I can have two fleets-ups a night. Also BoD have a working relationship with a PL corp SniggWaffe, which works to create opportunities for a fight with their Sov Warfare and when there isn't anyone, we fight each other.

Note to Self - Skill plan, looking at Leadership skills, OVERHEAT (started doing this, now)...

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