Monday, 30 July 2012

Qash Sunday Party

Capsuleer report 30072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 29,959th

It was busy last night,

Managed to get my revenge on Daggaman, who popped my Wolf earlier this month. It seems that he was playing station games, but I suspect too many of us undocked, the dps to great for the timer to allow him to dock. Stabber Fleet Issue ,POP!

In my new Cormorant got a couple of kills, I even was paid not to pop someone. Which I honored, this is something that I love about EVE. It's not always about the kill, its the way you play.

I did loss my Cormorant, to a Vexor and Brutix. I picked the wrong drone to attack and I just couldn't destroy that T2 Ogre, doh! But I enjoyed the fight, although one sided :).

Spent the rest of the evening with a couple of other militia members, didn't get on any killmails but it was fun.
Note to Self - More you pvp, it seems that there is more time to think.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Qash Lesson-Learnt

Capsuleer report 27072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 30,812th

What can I say, after the loss of my Jaguar I looked at my adversary. Who bettered me in a Cormorant. So I have spent a few hours in my hanger looking at this.

I fitted a Cormorant to see if I could duplicate his success. Guess What? I did.

I was on a gate as a fellow militia pilot gave me a heads up on a Enyo following her. Which it did but warped off before I could lock her. Usurpress locked her but only had a short point so was out of range.
But I wanted to try out my new fit so warped after her.

I landed 10km away, so started to engage, it seems that I was a tempting target. The dog-fight commenced, but I looked down at my post-it! stuck to my monitor OVERHEAT! which I did. It was a very close thing, I was in structure most of my modules had heat damage but pop! Enyo

I was so surprised still being in a ship I targeted her drone not the pod so she escaped. I wish to say gf as I didn't type it in local.

I have tweaked my fit abit more, I think I'll try again, now I have a couple of ships in my hanger that I can bring out for a fight.

Note to Self - More killmails !!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Qash Out-Smarted

Capsuleer report 26072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 31,485th

After some discussion with fellow militia pvpers I took a Jag into low-sec.

First this limited to the plex I could set myself up in:
  • Minor, T1/Faction frigates, T1 Destoryers
  • No Adjective, T1/Faction cruisers, T2/and as Minor on smaller ships
  • Major T1 BC, T2/and as no Adjective on smaller ships
  • Major Unrestricted, no acceleration gate.
But as I warped to a minor plex and was told I had no access, a Cormorant warped to 100km. I aimed my ship towards him moving slowing as we closed on each other he started to lock. So combat started.

I had a Synth Blue Pill Booster in my cargo, but didn't use it, 3% boost to shield boosting also I didn't overheat which I most do!

He seems to be trying to keep his distance and I was tracking disrupted, so I swapped to barrage. Now that was my mistake. (After reviewing my combat logs), I was still hitting him for more dps than I was being hit, my shield booster was reducing the damage. But once I swapped ammo, my dps dropped, also as I wasn't watching my cap, which ran out then no AB & no shield boost. So in a fight I should of won, I was out smarted.
gf in local and I headed back to lick my wounds.

Note to Self - OVERHEAT!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Qash Update

Capsuleer report 25072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 31,485th
Pew pew continues:-

Latest comment directed at me was 'Pussy!'

I guess I was, Thorax came to the gate looking to fight, I was about to engage when I noticed I was short on rockets, in my Caldari Navy Hookbill. So I dis-engaged and jumped through the nearest gate, then returned to the system to refit. Which I stated in local, the Thorax pilot didn't believe me so he disappear as I warped back to the gate, we'll never know?

It also seem that I have picked a spot where newbies pass who don't know they are in faction warfare. It seems that once the combat tutorial has completed, it asks newbies if their like combat their can join faction warfare and are given the option. 24 hours later their pass by and I pop them :(

Note to Victims - Please fit your ships alot better!!!

Brutix  Although a bad fit, it was a gf, at least she put up a fight, many don't.

Note to Self - Good Fight to all Victims.   gf

Monday, 16 July 2012

Qash Think :(

Capsuleer report 16072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 33,037th

Lost No. 2 Wolf :(
Why, chasing a Vexor, which I managed to engage and pop but the problem was The Fed Navy had locked me, and before I could warp off 'POP' :( So below I have a quick checklist:-

  1. Can I win? Answer is experience i.e DON'T engage a cane in a Frigate.
  2. Close to optimal weapon range
  3. Overheat! I keep forgetting this stage :(
  4. Manage incoming dps. Have I activated my tank, should I/can I make a run for it?
  5. POP!
  6. Is the Fed Navy around? Has he friends? If YES to any of these forget loot bail ASAP. Unless (1).

I have had some fun,
  • In my Omen Navy Issue engaged a Exequror on a gate during a roam (5). Comments, I didn't manage incoming dps (4) so, escaped in structure from the Fed Navy :(
  • In a Daredevil I was engaged by a Caracal (5). Comments, this was a close thing, I bailed just as his friend was targeting me in a cane (6).
Wolf #3 ready
I'm highlighted as RaZZorBack RaZZo 'NEMESIS!' 4 losses and I'm on everyone.
The last one I engaged but once I realized who it was I dis-engaged, only for him to be engaged at the next gate by a fellow Caldari pilot, getting me on the kill-mail.
I decided to sent him a loadout for a T1 Vexor pvp fit, but my suggestion would be to downgrade to a frigate for pvp.

Note to Self - OVERHEAT!!! (3) I'm finding this hard to do for some reason. I know POST-ITS on monitor :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Qash with Sad face

Capsuleer report 12072012-2

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 36,570th

Lost my Wolf :(

Gate camping when a Cane came to the gate, this wasn't going to be a fair fight so, I left, roamed around for a bit only to come to the gate again where there was a Punisher and Onyx, setup themselves up trying to engage the Cane. They invited me to a fleet, so I joined them.

So as soon as the Cane appeared I closed to engage, I was neut'd from the off, but that doesn't really affect a Wolf, the Punisher pilot also engaged. The Cane didn't release his drone which I thought strange but anyway, the Cane was down to 50% armour, when my wolf popped, soon afterwards the Punisher fell too.
It seems that the Cane had ECM drones and released them on the Onyx and escaped, another sad face :(

Thank you for the return of my lost loot, the Afterburner was worth half the ships value :) Don't fly what you can't afford to loss.
gf's in local, which it was, shame we couldn't pop the Cane, so refit time.

I jumped into a Omen Navy Issue and finished off a Catalyst, as it passed me :)

As for my Wolf, #2 ready :)

Note to Self - Don't engage a hurricane or I'll end up with a loss mail ;)

Qash Faction Warfare

Capsuleer report 12072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 37,337th

Pew pew continues:-

Always trying to improve my ship; tweak here, tweak there.

I've tried camping a gate, which is ok, but I can tell you gets boring very quickly. So now I'm moving to roaming.

Faction Warfare makes this tricky, not being able to setup small camps. So I'm having to move out of my wolf to something tougher. Let see how that goes, so far the main problem is target lock speed. It's so much faster in an AF.

The next question is also buffer or active rep, I like my buffer pvp fits but with the added damage of the Fed Navy, not sure. So I'm fitting one of each and test them see what happens.

Note to Victims - Please fit your ships better. 

Federation Navy Comet

So to highlight this I'm going to post, good fits I've come across and bad.

Note to Self - Good Fight to all Victims.   gf