Thursday, 12 July 2012

Qash with Sad face

Capsuleer report 12072012-2

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 36,570th

Lost my Wolf :(

Gate camping when a Cane came to the gate, this wasn't going to be a fair fight so, I left, roamed around for a bit only to come to the gate again where there was a Punisher and Onyx, setup themselves up trying to engage the Cane. They invited me to a fleet, so I joined them.

So as soon as the Cane appeared I closed to engage, I was neut'd from the off, but that doesn't really affect a Wolf, the Punisher pilot also engaged. The Cane didn't release his drone which I thought strange but anyway, the Cane was down to 50% armour, when my wolf popped, soon afterwards the Punisher fell too.
It seems that the Cane had ECM drones and released them on the Onyx and escaped, another sad face :(

Thank you for the return of my lost loot, the Afterburner was worth half the ships value :) Don't fly what you can't afford to loss.
gf's in local, which it was, shame we couldn't pop the Cane, so refit time.

I jumped into a Omen Navy Issue and finished off a Catalyst, as it passed me :)

As for my Wolf, #2 ready :)

Note to Self - Don't engage a hurricane or I'll end up with a loss mail ;)

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