Thursday, 26 July 2012

Qash Out-Smarted

Capsuleer report 26072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 31,485th

After some discussion with fellow militia pvpers I took a Jag into low-sec.

First this limited to the plex I could set myself up in:
  • Minor, T1/Faction frigates, T1 Destoryers
  • No Adjective, T1/Faction cruisers, T2/and as Minor on smaller ships
  • Major T1 BC, T2/and as no Adjective on smaller ships
  • Major Unrestricted, no acceleration gate.
But as I warped to a minor plex and was told I had no access, a Cormorant warped to 100km. I aimed my ship towards him moving slowing as we closed on each other he started to lock. So combat started.

I had a Synth Blue Pill Booster in my cargo, but didn't use it, 3% boost to shield boosting also I didn't overheat which I most do!

He seems to be trying to keep his distance and I was tracking disrupted, so I swapped to barrage. Now that was my mistake. (After reviewing my combat logs), I was still hitting him for more dps than I was being hit, my shield booster was reducing the damage. But once I swapped ammo, my dps dropped, also as I wasn't watching my cap, which ran out then no AB & no shield boost. So in a fight I should of won, I was out smarted.
gf in local and I headed back to lick my wounds.

Note to Self - OVERHEAT!!!!!!!

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