Monday, 16 July 2012

Qash Think :(

Capsuleer report 16072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 33,037th

Lost No. 2 Wolf :(
Why, chasing a Vexor, which I managed to engage and pop but the problem was The Fed Navy had locked me, and before I could warp off 'POP' :( So below I have a quick checklist:-

  1. Can I win? Answer is experience i.e DON'T engage a cane in a Frigate.
  2. Close to optimal weapon range
  3. Overheat! I keep forgetting this stage :(
  4. Manage incoming dps. Have I activated my tank, should I/can I make a run for it?
  5. POP!
  6. Is the Fed Navy around? Has he friends? If YES to any of these forget loot bail ASAP. Unless (1).

I have had some fun,
  • In my Omen Navy Issue engaged a Exequror on a gate during a roam (5). Comments, I didn't manage incoming dps (4) so, escaped in structure from the Fed Navy :(
  • In a Daredevil I was engaged by a Caracal (5). Comments, this was a close thing, I bailed just as his friend was targeting me in a cane (6).
Wolf #3 ready
I'm highlighted as RaZZorBack RaZZo 'NEMESIS!' 4 losses and I'm on everyone.
The last one I engaged but once I realized who it was I dis-engaged, only for him to be engaged at the next gate by a fellow Caldari pilot, getting me on the kill-mail.
I decided to sent him a loadout for a T1 Vexor pvp fit, but my suggestion would be to downgrade to a frigate for pvp.

Note to Self - OVERHEAT!!! (3) I'm finding this hard to do for some reason. I know POST-ITS on monitor :)

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