Friday, 24 August 2012

Qash August Week4

Capsuleer report 24082012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 27,645th

I spent the majority of the last week looking for a backup/secondary hunting ground. Seemed I found a perfect system between to low-sec system controlled by Minmatar Militia. But 'NO' on all the time I was active I only saw one ship a Stabber Fleet Issue which ran. :(

So I returned back to my normal hunting ground with the Sanctum Marauders', which was quiet, normal moaning at each other when we miss kills. But this time I helped get a kill without getting on a killmail. Just proves that I enjoy the working together that EvE enables.

An Orca jumped through the gate I was on when one of the Sanctum Marauders' mentioned the pilot was red to them, seemed that the two corps were at war. So it was asked if one of us would follow him, which I did. The Orca pilot didn't seem to be worried, about flying around when there was a wardec on ?

Anyway after roughly 5 jumps the pilot didn't leave system, which surprised me as the system I had followed him to had no stations. Was he in a Safe? Or as I was looking around (D-Scan) noticed an Ice-belt. So I warped to Zero and 30km from me was the Orca. I informed in chat that this was the situation.

I was convo'd from another member of the pursuing corp (suspect they had a dps ship close by) would I get to within 10km and if the Orca moved try and bump it. As soon as the pursuing pilot entered system I told them to warp to me. As I did that the Orca started to turn, so I aimed to bump it. Don't know if I really didn't anything but a Cane appeared and had locked the Orca before it had chance to warp off.  Pop went the Orca, my payment was the salvage, not a great deal, but the fun was payment enough :)
Note to Self - Aims for this month 1 kill per day. So far 24 days - 25 kills (1 assist) - 2 losses.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Qash August Week3

Capsuleer report 15082012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 28,623th

The latest patch has restricted my progress/kill whoring, not that EvE has broken, but as everyone seems to be mining :(. I can't complain as I spent the first year of my EvE career mining. If you are still out there Q'Ruszee Clan, and Xukrey. Thanks for the offer to that trial pilot, look where it's lead, 4+years later.

...I enjoyed the engagement I may try the Taranis again, in the near future. A comment from my last post, so what has happen, loss a 2nd Taranis in [20hours 26 mins]. :). 'gf'; experience was telling me 'NO' but the 'red mist' descended, don't take on a dessie (Thrasher) in an Interceptor. One more loss mail as proof, I learn the hard way.
So moved into an Enyo and within the hour a killmail, only a Rifter but it's +1: well +2 if you include the pod, lol.

Then the fun started. I have join a small group of like minded militia pilots, who have been operating in the similar area. We are not from one corp or in a joint Alliance, just the Caldari Militia linking us. But we have started to work more together.

I'm going to call us the: - Sanctum  Marauders' -

First there was a pair of Thorax cruisers, we did the first mistaken at the start of any multi target engagement, all target the first ship, to de-cloak, which was popped, Thorax  but this allowed the 2nd one to escape.
The Second kill was a Drake, which we corned, that for me was the best team work effort, of the evening. Finally ending with a kill of an Atron.
We thought we may of gotten a bigger fight as the system next door to us was gathering ships together. Although it was looking like a fair match of ships it seems that they couldn't muster a big enough blob to take us on.
To the Sanctum Marauders', this has introduced some fun back into my game time. Solo and Small gank warfare is the best pew pew in EvE.

One thing that is becoming a bugbear of mine. To all pilots, if you are engaged, FIGHT BACK, you will be surprised that the ones that do sometime convert that to a loss mail for me, hint! Also it reduces the loyalty point value I get.
Note to Self - Aims for this month 1 kill per day. So far 15 days - 20 kills - 2 losses.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Qash August Week2

Capsuleer report 10082012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 28,453th

Its was quiet online in EvE this last week. I have had time to move my ships to my new hunting ground, but on the hunting front not a lot has been going on.
One pod kill as I was going crazy and I won't normally shot as their pass but I needed something to do.

Final I was roaming in an Taranis, not the type of ship I like really but I was bored :). When I was following a WT through a couple of systems when it was engaged by a fellow militia pilot. The WT was in a Tengu so I joined the skimish. Taranis and a Jag against a Tengu.

I was locked a couple of time by passing ships with bounties on their heads. But if their had aggressed CONCORD was on my side, which they didn't.
As for the Tengu we where breaking its tank, which put me in a position! I should of warp'd off as I wasn't pointed, but I was trying to put down as much dps as I could, to take this Tengu down. But staying around got my Taranis popped. Which then left the Jag to hold it which it couldn't as the Tengu degressed and jump through a gate and docked. Before I could reship and warp to gate :(

What I should of done was to warp off, re-fresh capacitor, regen some of the shields and my armor, and return to the fight. I was just too greedy, as it had been so quiet the last couple of days. Lesson learnt.

I enjoyed the engagement I may try the Taranis again, in the near future.
Note to Self - Aims for this month 1 kill per day. So far 10 days - 14 kills - 1 losses.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Qash: August Week1

Capsuleer report 06082012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 28,417th

Back into my Wolf. Joined up with some Militia in system to do some hunting.

Not bad, a Talos kill which wasn't really a fight, as I have learnt, engaging a Tier3 BC at short range in a AF, 90% of the time the AF will win.

This isn't true for the Tier 2 BC, had a 'gf' with a Myrmidon. We had a Jaguar, my Wolf and a Astarte.
It arrived on gate so I jumped through to catch it on the other side when, the Jaguar was engaged so I jumped back. I started to take down the drones and the Jag was pounding the BC. The Astarte jumped to the wrong gate so took some time to arrive, when it did, the Jag was popped, and I was in structure, I had taken his first wave of Hammerhead II down started on his Ogre II. But the dps of the Astarte wasted the Myrm, in seconds. Back to station to repair.
Note to Self - Aims for this month 1 kill per day. So far 6 days - 13 kills - 0 losses.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Qash Hangover

Capsuleer report 01082012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 30,219th

My 100th LOSS-mail :(

Another Cormorant went pop, this time to a Ruppie. Should of known better but if it's flashing orange shoot it.
The whole night were cruisers and above ships so didn't really have any chance.
Note to Self - Use my rules of engagement. 1) Can I win?