Friday, 10 August 2012

Qash August Week2

Capsuleer report 10082012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 28,453th

Its was quiet online in EvE this last week. I have had time to move my ships to my new hunting ground, but on the hunting front not a lot has been going on.
One pod kill as I was going crazy and I won't normally shot as their pass but I needed something to do.

Final I was roaming in an Taranis, not the type of ship I like really but I was bored :). When I was following a WT through a couple of systems when it was engaged by a fellow militia pilot. The WT was in a Tengu so I joined the skimish. Taranis and a Jag against a Tengu.

I was locked a couple of time by passing ships with bounties on their heads. But if their had aggressed CONCORD was on my side, which they didn't.
As for the Tengu we where breaking its tank, which put me in a position! I should of warp'd off as I wasn't pointed, but I was trying to put down as much dps as I could, to take this Tengu down. But staying around got my Taranis popped. Which then left the Jag to hold it which it couldn't as the Tengu degressed and jump through a gate and docked. Before I could reship and warp to gate :(

What I should of done was to warp off, re-fresh capacitor, regen some of the shields and my armor, and return to the fight. I was just too greedy, as it had been so quiet the last couple of days. Lesson learnt.

I enjoyed the engagement I may try the Taranis again, in the near future.
Note to Self - Aims for this month 1 kill per day. So far 10 days - 14 kills - 1 losses.

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