Friday, 24 August 2012

Qash August Week4

Capsuleer report 24082012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 27,645th

I spent the majority of the last week looking for a backup/secondary hunting ground. Seemed I found a perfect system between to low-sec system controlled by Minmatar Militia. But 'NO' on all the time I was active I only saw one ship a Stabber Fleet Issue which ran. :(

So I returned back to my normal hunting ground with the Sanctum Marauders', which was quiet, normal moaning at each other when we miss kills. But this time I helped get a kill without getting on a killmail. Just proves that I enjoy the working together that EvE enables.

An Orca jumped through the gate I was on when one of the Sanctum Marauders' mentioned the pilot was red to them, seemed that the two corps were at war. So it was asked if one of us would follow him, which I did. The Orca pilot didn't seem to be worried, about flying around when there was a wardec on ?

Anyway after roughly 5 jumps the pilot didn't leave system, which surprised me as the system I had followed him to had no stations. Was he in a Safe? Or as I was looking around (D-Scan) noticed an Ice-belt. So I warped to Zero and 30km from me was the Orca. I informed in chat that this was the situation.

I was convo'd from another member of the pursuing corp (suspect they had a dps ship close by) would I get to within 10km and if the Orca moved try and bump it. As soon as the pursuing pilot entered system I told them to warp to me. As I did that the Orca started to turn, so I aimed to bump it. Don't know if I really didn't anything but a Cane appeared and had locked the Orca before it had chance to warp off.  Pop went the Orca, my payment was the salvage, not a great deal, but the fun was payment enough :)
Note to Self - Aims for this month 1 kill per day. So far 24 days - 25 kills (1 assist) - 2 losses.

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