Monday, 6 August 2012

Qash: August Week1

Capsuleer report 06082012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 28,417th

Back into my Wolf. Joined up with some Militia in system to do some hunting.

Not bad, a Talos kill which wasn't really a fight, as I have learnt, engaging a Tier3 BC at short range in a AF, 90% of the time the AF will win.

This isn't true for the Tier 2 BC, had a 'gf' with a Myrmidon. We had a Jaguar, my Wolf and a Astarte.
It arrived on gate so I jumped through to catch it on the other side when, the Jaguar was engaged so I jumped back. I started to take down the drones and the Jag was pounding the BC. The Astarte jumped to the wrong gate so took some time to arrive, when it did, the Jag was popped, and I was in structure, I had taken his first wave of Hammerhead II down started on his Ogre II. But the dps of the Astarte wasted the Myrm, in seconds. Back to station to repair.
Note to Self - Aims for this month 1 kill per day. So far 6 days - 13 kills - 0 losses.

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