Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Qash in RvB

Capsuleer Report 24082011-1

Joined Blue, why didn't I do this along time ago.
Kills 19/Losses 4 (after 2 weeks)
Battleclinic rank: 286000th

This has been great fun. Online, ship up, join fleet, kill or be killed.
Need to skill up to level 5 on the frigate and small weapon.

Come on you BLUES

Note to Self - overheat, engage, kill more :)

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Qash Killboard

Capsuleer report 10082011-2

After discussing this and looking around decided to setup my own killboard with Griefwatch.

Gives me my history, not a very good killmail whore

Battleclinic rates me as, 285043th need to improve :)

Note to Self - now need to start producing killmails :)

Qash as a MERC.

Capsuleer report 10082011-1

I haven't been away, just so busy not updating here.

Join a Mercenary Corp Red Dawn Mercenaries, great guys enjoyed myself. The issue has been the timezone when I'm logged in, so didn't do a great deal together.

Solo Kill/Loss 1:1
Fleet Kill/Loss 0:2

The corp disbanded good flying guys.

Note to Self - Setup own Killboard