Friday, 28 October 2011

Qash Flying a Huginn

Capsuleer report 28102011-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 71,823th,

Flying the huginn this past week. Had fun, nothing fancy fitted just t2 stuff. But having two different experiences:

Fleet 1) HAC roam, fast and was great, as we engaged a fleet in S-U8A4, even numbers both sides. But total killmail feast. With Sleipnir, Drake, Cane x3, Scimitar + tackle, kills for no loss, mainly due to our logistical support.

Fleet 2) BS roam, slower also perhaps we were alittle braver, taking on a 'lone' Dominix which was a cyno for a hot drop, but for the corp losses got the Domi and a Thanatos.

Skill plan changes AGAIN :) the corp requires more Logistics pilots and need the Logi skill to be Lvl5, so as I have Lvl 4, training it to Lvl 5 should be finished early November.

Note to Self - Corp Skill plan requirement, OVERHEAT (still not doing this)...

Friday, 21 October 2011

Qash in Black Op

Capsuleer report 21102011-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 75,590th,

First Black Ops fleet I have run in, two kills, first time flying a Pilgram.

The only comments I have when cloaked in a fleet, don't move around, you WILL bump into someone. Also 'bombs' will still blow you up :) even if cloaked.

I enjoyed the experience although I didn't have as much fun as flying in the standard skirmish fleet setups, the corp is running.

I have been reviewing my skills plan, I have been training some skills not really required, doh!, so I'm pushing up the plan the corp suggested skills. Basically I need to fly a battleship with T2 guns, which I can't now until mid November.

Note to Self - Skill plan update, OVERHEAT (still not doing this)...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Qash In a Curse

Capsuleer report 17102011-1

Killboard Review:
Over 300 kills
Battleclinic rated 75,935th,

Flying is small fleets is fun, better than the blobs normally in found in 0.0 also able to fly some shinny ships. All that skill training on different ships is now put to use.

At last have a kill in my curse, Gate camping in Providence, when a Domi jumped to the gate we where on. At the time thought nice kill, also upgraded my Cap Boosters to Navy ones from the loot.

Then 35 minutes later, the same guy in another Domi jumps to the same gate and yes, another kill mail what was he thinking. Oh! well!

Had a few Dramiel/Daredevil/Dictor roams, not much joy, best fun was a Thanatos, logging off as we entered system, only for the Dictor to bubble before the emergency warp kicked in and stop the Carrier. But with about 25% structure it disappeared, next time more ammo and bigger guns, lol.

Although the dps ships are fun I'm steering myself to more support based ships.

Note to Self - Support ship, buy more...

Monday, 10 October 2011

Qash Review

Capsuleer report 10102011-1

Killboard Review:

So its been two months since I setup my own Killboard. Having my own Killboard has help me focus on killing stuff.

Battleclinic rated 285,043th, two months ago, now 83,356th (200,000 places up the Rankings)

122:16 kill:loss
7.6:1 Ratio

Note to Self - killmail whore, well getting there ;)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Qash New Home

Capsuleer Report 06102011-1

Moved Home been accepted into 'Drama Llamas'

Providence PvP corp - Anti-blob warfare. The corp entry process was different, but to get acceptance made you really want to join.

So far I like everyone I have flown with

I'm at the moment on 0.0 in my cane logged off. Why?
I join the fleet as soon as I could and moved into 0.0 which was camping a system. When one of the fleet was hot-dropped in his safe.
Talk about being thrown in at the deep end. I forgot how on-your toes you need to be. Anyway not complaining this is what I want from EVE.

I have a new skill training plan to fit in with the Corp fleets, nothing I wasn't expecting. I need to do some shopping to get the gear local but it has removed some of the cobwebs that had started to appear. Just need to get my first Kill.

Note to Self - Skill training: Purchase Ship: Kill something