Friday, 7 October 2011

Qash New Home

Capsuleer Report 06102011-1

Moved Home been accepted into 'Drama Llamas'

Providence PvP corp - Anti-blob warfare. The corp entry process was different, but to get acceptance made you really want to join.

So far I like everyone I have flown with

I'm at the moment on 0.0 in my cane logged off. Why?
I join the fleet as soon as I could and moved into 0.0 which was camping a system. When one of the fleet was hot-dropped in his safe.
Talk about being thrown in at the deep end. I forgot how on-your toes you need to be. Anyway not complaining this is what I want from EVE.

I have a new skill training plan to fit in with the Corp fleets, nothing I wasn't expecting. I need to do some shopping to get the gear local but it has removed some of the cobwebs that had started to appear. Just need to get my first Kill.

Note to Self - Skill training: Purchase Ship: Kill something

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