Monday, 25 October 2010

Qash In Lag Fest

Capsuleer report 25102010-1
CTA for SYS-K.

Jumped into my Guardian, joined fleet, off to E-PR0S (Feythabolis), for a fight, but we got a kicking.

I won't say too much except, the lag was terrible. Looking back we should never of jumped into the fleet holding grid and it was for them like shooting fish in a barrel.

But being good lemmings we followed the FC orders. All I'd like to say is we lost two-thirds of the fleet.
I came home in my overheated damaged guardian but I came home :)

Note to self: Everyone needs to learn, with big fleet fights the one holding Grid wins!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Qash Epic Fail

Capsuleer report 19102010-1
Wormhole is discovered to another 0.0 (Outer Ring) so Alliance fleet setup and start a roaming.

I jump in with my roaming Scimitar (with cloak). Started off well, one ratting Drake (Kill and podded).

Then we chased down a T3 Proteus. But it was bait and we got on the end of the hook.

As soon as it was know to be bait I should of stepped back, but no. I warped to zero on our scout, whom was dust as I landed, then I started shoting the Proteus with my pop gun. Doh! What was I thinking. He had me scrammed, so I burned (slow boated) to the gate which seemed to take forever, but I didn't even have a chance to see if the aggression timer had finished I was dust too.
I was not happy about being podded as the gate was telling me there was a session timer, but I was in my new warm clone in PB, in no time at all :D
Note to self: Think! Warp at optiums, don't attack your in a Logistics, DOH! 

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Qash In TCAG Home Defence

Capsuleer report 17102010-1

Battle in TCAG-3 (Period Basis), 16-10-2010 (18:50 - 20:10)
Battle Statistics
101 friendly - 96 Hostile
49 ships killed (2.52B ISK)
10 ships lost (0.56B ISK)
81.78% efficienc (ISK)
4.9:1 Kill ratio
Coven, Stain Empire and ROMANIAN-LEGION came to PB to give us a fight, which ended in them leaving the field with a bloody nose.
I was flying my Guardian, which this was a good test of the Alliance, with the help of Galactic Syndicate and our neighbours Legiunea ROmana. It seemed to work, very well.
Comments we don't get any T3 kills although we tried. As for our losses, only comments, out of range of us logistics means a loss. We lost a guardian, but it seemed that the Hostiles had camped the other side of the gate so pick off anyone who gate jumped.
All in all, a good fight, when you listen to the FC, it works out in the end.
Well done SYS-K (and allies) :D
Note to self: Fit drones, so I can get on atleast one killmail :P

Monday, 11 October 2010

Qash in 10/10

Capsuleer report 11102010-2

In my Tengu (on a corp op) ran a 10/10 and two 6/10, our rats in PB are Blood Raiders.

Didn't get a great deal of isk, only around 80 mil. But that will buy me another Guardian :)) Better than spinning in station.

I would like more off these corp ops.

Note to self: Be prepared for fleet ops (I need the isk :)

Qash in Guardian

Capsuleer report 11102010-1

Logistics, my favourite ships, Scimitar I love, fast great for small fast roaming fleets.

But I have been using my Guardian, with PoS bash BS fleets. No killboard stats, but I don't care. Where as the Scimitar can be alone in a fleet, Guardian needs to work in pairs.

So far:-
I was a lone Guardian in a PoS bash, I feel I supported the BS cap, but only limited. But one comment be aligned. As we were hot dropped and only about 30% of the fleet got out.
I have been in a PoS bash tonight with another Guardian, 500% better, only issue was the jamming, but I felt I was useful for the fleet.

Also the align to bookmarks, great, being aligned to a safe spot, VERY helpful :)

Note to self: Be aligned while in a Pos Bash Fleet.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Qash on Killboard (Again)

Capsuleer report 06102010-1

Roams/Home Defence everyday 0.0 life.

Went on a roam in a rook, E-WAR, got on a ratting RAVEN kill. Very quiet, had a bit of a standoff with STAIN, but the FC told us to go. FC is the boss, 1 Kill no losses :)

Just as we arrived home, I jumped into my Scimitar, for Home Defence Fleet. I ended up being the only Logistics, but was great fun. I got on 2 kills, a Sabre and a Zealot.

Note to other: Broadcast for reps :)

Monday, 4 October 2010

Qash At Home (Home Defence)

Capsuleer report 04102010-1
What a weekend!
Home defence started of well, trapping some COVEN in CJF-1P. My scimitar got on a Enyo kill (suspect scout) on a gate camp.
But it all turned sour very quickly.
There was intel on a 20 strong White Noise fleet heading inbound. So Home Defence re-shipped to mainly drakes and set up at optimums at the VR-YIQ gate in 1-NJLK. Normally a good tactic, but it seems that we were out played.
As the 45+ White Noise fleet jumped in, they were laying down more dps then we could handle (in my Scimitar). As soon as the call for reps was called out I'd lock and start to rep. But the amount of dps being given out was too much for us Logistics.
The FC already in his pod call for everyone to safe up. Which looking at the killboard didn't happen fast enough. And we got a blood nose.
As always the 'emo rage' started blaming everyone for the losses. But basically, White Noise had out gunned us. The FC commented that the intel he had was for a much small fleet then came in (20 not the 45).

After the next downtime, our corp had a Ratting op. which had a better than normal for corp ops attendance. I don't believe the corp needs the isk, but it was a good reason to fly together.

Later another Home Defence fleet was called, but after awaiting around for the inbound which didn't come while I was online, shame.
As viewing the killboard there was a one sided fight, later, this time we out dps the inbound.
There seems to be a move in EVE for Armour HAC gangs. So I need to look into running Guardian as well as Scimitar Logistics.
Note to Self - rethink skill training.