Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Qash Epic Fail

Capsuleer report 19102010-1
Wormhole is discovered to another 0.0 (Outer Ring) so Alliance fleet setup and start a roaming.

I jump in with my roaming Scimitar (with cloak). Started off well, one ratting Drake (Kill and podded).

Then we chased down a T3 Proteus. But it was bait and we got on the end of the hook.

As soon as it was know to be bait I should of stepped back, but no. I warped to zero on our scout, whom was dust as I landed, then I started shoting the Proteus with my pop gun. Doh! What was I thinking. He had me scrammed, so I burned (slow boated) to the gate which seemed to take forever, but I didn't even have a chance to see if the aggression timer had finished I was dust too.
I was not happy about being podded as the gate was telling me there was a session timer, but I was in my new warm clone in PB, in no time at all :D
Note to self: Think! Warp at optiums, don't attack your in a Logistics, DOH! 

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