Monday, 11 October 2010

Qash in Guardian

Capsuleer report 11102010-1

Logistics, my favourite ships, Scimitar I love, fast great for small fast roaming fleets.

But I have been using my Guardian, with PoS bash BS fleets. No killboard stats, but I don't care. Where as the Scimitar can be alone in a fleet, Guardian needs to work in pairs.

So far:-
I was a lone Guardian in a PoS bash, I feel I supported the BS cap, but only limited. But one comment be aligned. As we were hot dropped and only about 30% of the fleet got out.
I have been in a PoS bash tonight with another Guardian, 500% better, only issue was the jamming, but I felt I was useful for the fleet.

Also the align to bookmarks, great, being aligned to a safe spot, VERY helpful :)

Note to self: Be aligned while in a Pos Bash Fleet.

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