Monday, 4 October 2010

Qash At Home (Home Defence)

Capsuleer report 04102010-1
What a weekend!
Home defence started of well, trapping some COVEN in CJF-1P. My scimitar got on a Enyo kill (suspect scout) on a gate camp.
But it all turned sour very quickly.
There was intel on a 20 strong White Noise fleet heading inbound. So Home Defence re-shipped to mainly drakes and set up at optimums at the VR-YIQ gate in 1-NJLK. Normally a good tactic, but it seems that we were out played.
As the 45+ White Noise fleet jumped in, they were laying down more dps then we could handle (in my Scimitar). As soon as the call for reps was called out I'd lock and start to rep. But the amount of dps being given out was too much for us Logistics.
The FC already in his pod call for everyone to safe up. Which looking at the killboard didn't happen fast enough. And we got a blood nose.
As always the 'emo rage' started blaming everyone for the losses. But basically, White Noise had out gunned us. The FC commented that the intel he had was for a much small fleet then came in (20 not the 45).

After the next downtime, our corp had a Ratting op. which had a better than normal for corp ops attendance. I don't believe the corp needs the isk, but it was a good reason to fly together.

Later another Home Defence fleet was called, but after awaiting around for the inbound which didn't come while I was online, shame.
As viewing the killboard there was a one sided fight, later, this time we out dps the inbound.
There seems to be a move in EVE for Armour HAC gangs. So I need to look into running Guardian as well as Scimitar Logistics.
Note to Self - rethink skill training.

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