Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Qash In 0.0 (Normal Night)

Capsuleer report 28092010-1

Home Defence was called as I login.
Some cloaky Brick Gang (5 of) hovering around PB.
I join in my Onyx but before long the requirement for Logistics gets me back into my Scimitar, ended up me on my own.
We trapped them in a system, but cloaky fags, just cloaked in system, until we got bored.
I afk'd for a bit, which i missed the continued chase of Brick gang as their number had grown to 7.
But it ended: Cloaky Fags 0 Home Defence 0

I did alittle ratting, i need the isk. Corp looking to run some 10/10 plex.

Note to Self - Prep skills for Blood Raider 10/10.

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