Friday, 24 September 2010

Qash on CTA (Time limits set by RL)

Capsuleer report 24092010-1
A CTA was call 'bc shield' order of the day. Great time to get in my favourite ship, the 'Scimitar'.
It seems we were called in to assist IT take another station from -A- in 5-N2EY.
Using the jump bridges we travel to Catch quickly. There was a report on a 40 man (Drunk GanG) in the area. Which we met in X4-WL0. It ended in a stand-off, with a kill of a Malediction but a loss of a Raptor, DRAW!
The fleet broadcasts for reps from us logistics kept others from showing up in the killboard. We held the ground so gave me time, as I carry Armour maintenance bots, to repair any Armour damage (we nearly lost a Malediction ourselves, I noticed as I was repping, seeing it in structure).
Then we carried on to destination.
bm the 'red' iHub and a 'safe' PoS in system. This is when it got very boring. No information coming from the top, it seems that IT where busy reinforcing other stations, so we sat in the Safe PoS for over 3 hours.
[I have only around a 5 hour window and 4 hours had past and I'm sitting in 'red' space - in a logistics.]
When some of my fellow corp mates, in corp chat called it a night, and said they would burn back to PB. I joined them.
Nothing of interest, one system with 5 neuts, but no gate camp so we burned through. Although there was a cloaky Loki - thought better of it - and seemed to cloak up on the gate as we jumped through.
I was in home systems, before long. So I did what I have been trying to do for a couple of weeks. Clone jump to my +4 clone, which I stupidly moved into 0.0, during my move into PB and move it back to Hi Sec (in a cloaky Cheetah). I didn't get to my Hi Sec systems I base myself out of, for PI and industrial pursuits. As I ran out of time, continue next time.
Note to Self - Check your Clone!

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