Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Qash In Eve (Me)

Capsuleer report 22092010-2

So who is Jonie Qash. Pre-clone 2008.01 41+Mil SP.

Now member of:

Corp logo

Ascendancy. [ASY.]

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Systematic-Chaos [SYS-K]

But I have a fairly healthly employment history.

  • Started in Q'Ruszee Clan [QRUS], great group of pilots, mainly geared around Mining and Missioning, which was a great step up for me in EVE, steady income.
  • I joined Tribal Liberation Force [TLIB] for pvp but found it full of ego fuelled kids, so went back to [QRUS].
  • The Fated [FATED], wornhole living, again great group of pilots, earned alot of isk. Got my first kill here.
  • Mercurialis Inc. [MINC], 0.0 pew pew (Wildly Inapproprate Alliance). Just a number, couldn't produce enough isk to support pvp, great forum, tons of information.
  • The Order of Odin [TOOO] & Valkyries Of Odin [V00] back to wormholes and isk making. great pilots corps alittle bit disorganised, earned a Loki hull from corp. Started Drug manufacture (Boosters) in PoS.
  • The Orphanage [-T-O-] this corp small but learnt loads about invention, scanning, and Caps and T2 manufacture. But Low Sec living is alittle slow.
  • Now Ascendancy. [ASY.] 0.0 pew pew, more than just a number now. Let see how it goes.

Must mention my bestest EVE mates, which I have ran with these last 18 months D'Antrim and EvilBstard, thanks for getting me hooked on EVE.

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