Friday, 25 March 2011

Qash In QASH

Capsuleer report 25032011-1
Corps what can I say, I'm now in my own, Quanita Research [QASH]. As the last corp (& Alliance) fell to pieces, which was a shame as I was enjoying it.

Corporation logo

 I'm going to concerntrate on Manufacturing.

Note to Self - Don't join another corp, until atleast Fall

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Qash Goal.....not long too go

Capsuleer report 10032011-2
Goal: to increase my standing to gain overall +0.1 on all Empire Factions. Well If I include skills than Amarr is all that is left. :)

Running lvl4 mission in Caldari, Minmatar and Amarr corps.

Still need Advanced Weapon Upgrade V and Caldari Battleships V but with most of my missile skills are 4 or 5 can use T2 torpedos, for the Golem.

Just discovered that I haven't any of the Connection skills, so these need a look at, increase in loyalty points payout.

Also as a side note I also need another Research agent. As my Inventions - trying the Hulk, can be costly. (I'd say at this time I'm getting 1 in 3 bpc, normal, reading the forums). Hulkageddon helped raise the Hulk prices for a bit, but it never lasts.

Note to Self - Golem, Golem, Goooooalemmm. Skills take ages at level 5 to train :)

Qash voting CSM6

Capsuleer report 10032011-1
Voted for CSM6 yet, well I have and as I believe that voting is to be kept secret, good luck all.

But a great tool to help us pilots.

Voting-Match link via A Mule In EvE

Note to Self - Eve is very addictive :P