Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Qash In Eve (Intro)

Capsuleer report 21092010-1

As this is my first post.
'Hello' fellow EVE pilots.

This is just so I can put my thoughts down, about my life in EVE.

I'll talk about myself later, but I'll driven to write this after a gate camp I was involved in, with fellow Alliance members (SYS-K). Awaiting a Stealth Bomber Gang to jump in.

When over the comms - 'Jonie Qash - you'll never lock anyone, there!' "In harsh tone" (Not the FC).
But before I could ask where should I be, the FC tells us all to be at 'Zero'

Well for me FC is in charge. So from orbiting the gate at 500m, at Zero I went.

Where should I of been?
I wish I'd asked 'Where should I be?' I'm not an experienced inty pilot, my first real flight in anger. Warp disrupter range over 22km, I thought the point was for me to lock the 'sb' before it could cloak and stop in warping off. With the gate jump being 15-18km from zero from the gate.

Note to Self - Ask next time?

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