Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Qash On a Roam (Better then a spin in station)

Capsuleer report 22092010-1

Quiet night, so went on a roam through Stain/Esoteria. In af, dic & inty (I was in a Wolf), Alliance (SYS-K).
A pod kill was about it, no losses.

Although we had to play safe in DTX8-M, with what looked like a Coven,Stain & Vera Cruz combined fleet, trapping us between their jump bridges. A bit of smack in local, before our scout call out.

It seems that a Apocalypse (Named: I'm not bait) had warped to a belt when a True Sansha's Overlord appeared, so had seemed to start ratting.

We all warped to the last location of the Apoc, but I suspect we were seen as it never came back. So down with the rat. 1.9mil isk (1/10th share, nice bounty even after Corp Tax), better than nothing, .

Then we headed home, a small chase of a hauler but it escaped into a PoS. The way home was clear, but then again we met up with another Alliance roam (in HACs) so the combined count was over 20, so it was an event free burn home.

Note to Self - Train for a Sabre

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