Sunday, 17 October 2010

Qash In TCAG Home Defence

Capsuleer report 17102010-1

Battle in TCAG-3 (Period Basis), 16-10-2010 (18:50 - 20:10)
Battle Statistics
101 friendly - 96 Hostile
49 ships killed (2.52B ISK)
10 ships lost (0.56B ISK)
81.78% efficienc (ISK)
4.9:1 Kill ratio
Coven, Stain Empire and ROMANIAN-LEGION came to PB to give us a fight, which ended in them leaving the field with a bloody nose.
I was flying my Guardian, which this was a good test of the Alliance, with the help of Galactic Syndicate and our neighbours Legiunea ROmana. It seemed to work, very well.
Comments we don't get any T3 kills although we tried. As for our losses, only comments, out of range of us logistics means a loss. We lost a guardian, but it seemed that the Hostiles had camped the other side of the gate so pick off anyone who gate jumped.
All in all, a good fight, when you listen to the FC, it works out in the end.
Well done SYS-K (and allies) :D
Note to self: Fit drones, so I can get on atleast one killmail :P

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