Friday, 21 October 2011

Qash in Black Op

Capsuleer report 21102011-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 75,590th,

First Black Ops fleet I have run in, two kills, first time flying a Pilgram.

The only comments I have when cloaked in a fleet, don't move around, you WILL bump into someone. Also 'bombs' will still blow you up :) even if cloaked.

I enjoyed the experience although I didn't have as much fun as flying in the standard skirmish fleet setups, the corp is running.

I have been reviewing my skills plan, I have been training some skills not really required, doh!, so I'm pushing up the plan the corp suggested skills. Basically I need to fly a battleship with T2 guns, which I can't now until mid November.

Note to Self - Skill plan update, OVERHEAT (still not doing this)...

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