Friday, 27 July 2012

Qash Lesson-Learnt

Capsuleer report 27072012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 30,812th

What can I say, after the loss of my Jaguar I looked at my adversary. Who bettered me in a Cormorant. So I have spent a few hours in my hanger looking at this.

I fitted a Cormorant to see if I could duplicate his success. Guess What? I did.

I was on a gate as a fellow militia pilot gave me a heads up on a Enyo following her. Which it did but warped off before I could lock her. Usurpress locked her but only had a short point so was out of range.
But I wanted to try out my new fit so warped after her.

I landed 10km away, so started to engage, it seems that I was a tempting target. The dog-fight commenced, but I looked down at my post-it! stuck to my monitor OVERHEAT! which I did. It was a very close thing, I was in structure most of my modules had heat damage but pop! Enyo

I was so surprised still being in a ship I targeted her drone not the pod so she escaped. I wish to say gf as I didn't type it in local.

I have tweaked my fit abit more, I think I'll try again, now I have a couple of ships in my hanger that I can bring out for a fight.

Note to Self - More killmails !!

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