Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Qash on ISK (invention)

Capsuleer report 29112011-1

Killboard Review: qash.griefwatch.net
Battleclinic rated 64,931th (slipping - due to being ill)

Not been as active as I would like, stuck in station ill, 'pod flu'.

Anyway I've started to cost up my invention (hulks).

Started with changing my PI to produce 'Construction Blocks'
Had 4x Convetor BPC and some de-cryptors for the invention process
Collected my Datacores from the research agents

Run the four invention jobs and 25 hrs later, 2x hulk bpc, 50% successful not the best I have seen before, but about right if I use an Invention Chance Calculator which gave me between 24 and 26% chance per attempt (dependant on the de-cryptor).

This works out to around =17,300.000 per hulk BPC

I had to purchase the Morphite and the Convetors (could save isk by mining maybe next time)

I have the BPO's for the R.A.M Starship Tech and parts to manufacture the two Hulks, now I have to buy the parts (this will depend on market prices to see if I buy the finish goods or the use my BPO's, this can make a big difference)

So far the cost = 84,010,000 isk (plus 1.5 hours)
But as I had the BPCs, datacores and decryptors in stock real cost to me has been = 35,350,000 isk.

So this is already starting to point to PvE (missions Level 4) being more profitable plus selling the datacores, but let me finish. So far I have only spent 1.5 hours of game time on this.

Note to Self - Writing down industrial costing, is showing me the marginal profits I'm making, or not! I will finish and sell these Hulks and work out the cost per hour. Then run Level 4 missions in my Golem + sell the Datacore researched over the same period and compare.

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