Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Qash on ISK for PvP

Capsuleer report 16112011-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 64,282th

Hardest thing I've found in Eve is making enough isk to continue to pew pew.

I'm running a Trader Alt, but it just doesn't make me enough isk, to live off, more time on alt, equals more isk, equals less PvP time :(

I have looked at inventing, making and selling Hulks, that made me about two plex worth of isk, in a month, nice, but to tell the truth the amount of time I have spent doing this, I suspect I could of run missions to make the same amount.

So to prove this, I'm going to start the cycle of invention off again to make the hulks. As invention is fairly easy to run in the background, research agents etc. I'll keep a log of costs, time, etc. once I've sold the hulk(s) I'll then spent the same time PvE and compare.

Note to Self - Skill plan, Large guns (ready for the new BC), OVERHEAT (still, still, still not doing this)...

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