Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Qash Free-2-Play EvE Day 7

Capsuleer report 20130813-1

7 days passed I'm surprised on just playing EVE how I like to, is providing enough ISK, I normal buy things I don't really need, but just wanted to fly :)
I have been running missions (6 hrs), mining (6hrs), exploration (2hrs) and manufacturing/trading (5hrs 15 mins). I have played for 19hrs 15mins, I still didn't realize I played that much :)

I'm 58.7mil ISK short at the moment, but I haven't built anything to sell, I'm look to build a large ship to sell as I think it will give me the max. profit, but it may take along time to built so I'm not starting until I have all the required parts. If I don't manage to get everything I'll change my plan and just built smaller vessels, but as many as I can. 

As for salvage I've noticed I can make more ISK just selling it directly, unless I need to make my own use rigs. 

LP are building up nicely, suspect, look at either ammo or implants, to sell.

900.7mil ISK in 21days to go :)

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