Monday, 14 January 2013

Qash So far...Pt2

Capsuleer report 20131401-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,144th
Goal: (31 kills: 12 so far)

A gang was call as some neuts (one in a Machariel) entered our home system, so I jumped into a DPS (Talos). After a small chase lost them...

But as the gang was out we reviewed the intel channels looking for targets. The main problem is that as our Alliance is part of a larger coalition, where some of our reds and neuts are others blues.

But we heard that a some gate camp had been setup in the pipe, so we made our way to the area, Taranis (8), was taken down, but the others in the gate camp ran to a station which their could dock into.

There was a small gang 5 jumps away, causing issues so we engaged. As always the Intel doesn't tell the whole story but we are Drama Llama so jumped in;
Dramas (Broadsword, Ishtar, Huginn, 2x Talos, Tornado & Hound)
AAA (Curse, Rapier, Talos, 2x Canes, Sabre, 2x interceptors and a new Destroyer)

The triple A Talos(9) was called Primary but it seemed that they call one of our Talos Primary too so very quickly a Talos each down. I was then hit hard by the Curse, totally neuted out, but lucky for me AAA took on our hound first so I had time to hit back on the Curse(10) with drones which went down. I was next but I hit the Rapier(11) as hard as I could before going down, making me top damage dealer on the killmail. We lost that fight, we lost all but the Broadsword for them to only lose a Talos, Curse, Rapier and Sabre.

The next day we had a late roam in Provi, T1 cruisers, 16 of us, a Rupture(12) kill, but the roam was cut short when we ran into a 74 strong frigate fleet. I was Primary so I was back warm in station in a new clone.

To be continued...

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