Monday, 7 January 2013

Qash New Year Roam

Capsuleer report 20130701-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,131th
Goal: (31 kills: 5 so far)

Good start, joined the first roam of the year, and back to pew pew.
It was a slow start sitting on a gate awaiting all to turn up, resulting in my Ares being bombed twice. Repaired in station first time second couldn't be bothered. As this roam was geared up for a 'Ship out, pod back'. Which it ended up for most of us!

First jump, engaged/destroyed a Sabre(1) + pod(2)

After a few jumps and a bit of maneuvering around so not to be engaged by blobs. The next kill was a Retriever(3), easy pop, with the bonus of the pilot giving me a payout on his bounty: 9K isk.

Finally a Rapier on gate, lucky our scout was on the other side of the gate where the Rapiers friend where, so after around a minute of locking each other, our FC told us to jump into the opposing gang.

Dramas (4x T1 cruisers, 4x T1/T2 Frigates and 2x Dessie/DIC)
Black Wing (Talos,Drake,Rapier,Huginn,Curse,Cynabal & Scimitar) 

Cynabal(4) was called Primary which when down fairly fast, the next call was the Curse but for some reason within my overheated scram range was the Scimitar(5), so I steamed into a tight orbit of the scimitar, scram on (so his MWD wouldn't help him and started to fire). It wasn't long before I was getting damage from the Drake who was hitting me fairly hard so I turned off my MWD which reduced the damage. I bailed once (as the Scimitar went pop) I was in structure, arrived at a safe with 26% structure, with the fire streaming from may ship (I love that affect).
The rest of the gang was still calling targets, but when most of our T1 cruisers (DPS) was out of the fight, I stayed out of range.

Dramas (Rupture, Keres, Rifter & my Ares left, losses total: 273.8Mil ISK )
Black Wing (Talos, Drake & Rapier, losses total: 804.9Mil ISK)

Techically, we lost the fight, as their stayed on the field and we lost the kill ration 6:4.
BUT the ISK damage of 804.9mil to 273.8mil was for me the story to tell. Also the aim of the Roam was to have a good fight, which it was.

Note to Self - January, goal (1 kill a day)

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