Monday, 18 February 2013

Qash Change of Fortune

Capsuleer report 20131802-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 26,264th

What a pain this month, but also a new beginning.

Kills over 1 a day (38 so far) which I'd like to keep up as Drama Llama is a PVP Corp, 'not very many' you may say, but as I'm only a couple of hours a week pilot, I'm happy.

So out of 0.0, WHY?
It would seem from the information I've been told the Alliance 'Dark Therapy' wasn't active enough, and lost? gave up it's space? So it was move as quickly as we could out of 0.0. I was starting to get settled, I enjoyed flying in the TEST fleets, more for the comms banter then anything else. Then again, this is EVE and thing change. I wish I had my own carrier but to tell the truth for the expense how often would I use it?

Back now to how I first started in Dramas, on the edge of Provi, small gang warfare, roaming and camping gates. Also with the move it would seem we have gained some allies in the 'Alliance' Dark Taboo, within a couple of days, I'm enjoying flying with them :) it's as though we have been with them for months. Love it.

I have also my first bounty placed on me. '1 Million ISK' I won't call myself a 'Pirate', more a 'Hired Gun' but it would seem I upset someone enough for them to add a bounty on my head. 

With the changes to ships in the winter expansion, I've not been flying Tech2 ships mainly flying Tech1 cruisers. I haven't found the one I like the most yet, the Thorax is a bruiser, but I'm finding it limiting. I have been using a Stabber, I have had more kills in this.

A nice Blog about the ships in EVE is The Altruist's (Have a read)

Need to make isk, as always :)

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