Thursday, 15 September 2011

Qash in RvB (over a month now)

Capsuleer Report 15092011-1

Blue teapot is the way!
Griefwatch Killboard: RvB Campaign Kills 82/Losses 11 (after 40 days)
Battleclinic rank: 114,845th

This is still great fun. Online, ship up, join fleet, kill or be killed.

I have been flying the Vengeance, slow but great tank. I have two setups, Microwarpdrive long range point, and the flying brick.

Really only any good in a fleet, and the long point has been the most useful.

Also I have trained up the Thorax, again this is a nice Gank ship.

Come on you BLUES

Note to Self - engage, 'OVERHEAT', kill more :)

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