Monday, 13 February 2012

Qash back on the Killboard

Capsuleer report 13022012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 43,061th

First kills since moving in to Prov.

The Corp was in a fleet 'Werewolf' setup in station, when a RED.Overlord fleet engage a corp mate, outside station.

FC ordered undock and engage, I was in my Lachesis (first time flying this), with a disruptor range of over 50km thanks to the command ship. I locked a cane before the red warped off. (One Kill)

We pursued the red fleet next door, but after some banter in local, we jumped out to camp the gate. To find a CVA blob on the gate, so our numbers trebled. But RED.Overlord, sent in two Canes, to their death. (Cane1 & Cane2)

I was about to log off, when in intel, came in, the one call that mobilizes the whole region. 'Carrier Engaged'

I was setting up a new ship (a Zealot), when the corp made best speed to the Carrier System. And yes, a Carrier outside a CVA station was in a bubble. We engaged, didn't take long to bring down the (Carrier). I also felt bad (for 30 seconds) podding the pilot

What happen next is a reason to leave the system asap. We had a Corp Carrier awaiting to jump out, when it was engaged by two idiots, in a Harbinger & Apocalypse, although I didn't get on the killmails, they were taken out swiftly.

Note to Self - I wish I could re-jig my skills.

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