Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Qash NRDS ?

Capsuleer report 07022012-1

Killboard Review: qash.griefwatch.net
Battleclinic rated 43,246th

I've been quiet lately, as the Corp has had a change of direction. 'Drama Llamas' we're an out-and-out PvP, kill everything, outfit. I believe to the enjoyment of most.

But the call of 0.0 was too much, so we have moved into 0.0 Providence. We haven't been excepted into the CVA alliance as a corp. I suspect this is due mainly our past policy of killing anything in Providence. But we have been allowed residence and as long as we follow the CVA rules, which for us is mainly the NRDS (Not Red Don't Shoot) policy.

This hasn't been accepted by some Corp members, who have left. Which is a shame as I enjoyed flying with these guys. I myself, did wonder where this new direction was leading. I haven't lived in a NRDS structure, so it may be a little while, before I settle in.

The hardest thing for me has been the moving of ships, to the jump-in systems and as I'm not a capital pilot, moving them to our new home. But it has also enabled me to tidy up my hangers and 'standardize' my ships.

With the help of the other members of the corp I will get my ships into the 0.0. But this has made me once again change my skill plan to get into a carrier asap. As this seems at the moment the hardest part of moving.

This has made me look at Black Ops BS now. EvE is really prioritizing the skill plan to head in the direction of what you want to do next. :)
Note to Self - Get into a Carrier ASAP.

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