Thursday, 24 February 2011

Qash And Corp

Capsuleer report 24022011-1
Goal: Increasing my standings to gain overall +0.1 on all Empire Factions.
Q.V I'm loving this corp. Running Level 4 missions raising my standings with other members, going well. There has even been talk of running Incursions with the Alliance all big ticks, this has me buzzing again, to the point I'm spending hours on eve (20+ in the last 7 days).
Last night was fun, the corp ran a Frigate fight. T1 Frig, Meta 3 max modules, T1 ammo, no rigs.
I turned up in a Rifter, what fun, I got 2 kills before flying my pod :). The winner has a reward of a Battlecrusiers of their choose (they went for a Drake, no surprise).
Running mission again has been fun. I need to salvage and loot to make the isk bonuses in running Missions. Just speed running missions, mainly running Amarr lvl2 at the moment before my stands get good enough.
Caracal CN (for Lvl2), as I have one.
Tengu for corp mission fleets (I love this ship)
But for solo Lvl4 I need to get a Golem, but my skills are lacking. So I'm going to get a Rattlesnake until I have the skills. Question has been Torps or Cruise? I haven't decided as yet.

Note to Self - Eve has me hooked again (good corp helps, thanks Q.V) :)

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