Monday, 7 February 2011

Qash On Incursion (Motherships)

Capsuleer report 07022011-1

I'm on a high. Incursion has rasied my game.
Mainly in shield fleets as (logisitics) with many players I have ran with before.
1 out of 3 Motherships sites earned rewards. Armour fleets seem to fair better than shields, suspect due to the dps output. (Lost a Basilisk in one, thanks to all who gave isk to help in the replacement).
  • Max fleet 80
  • LPS 7800
  • 32 million ISK
  • Competing against other fleets
The last one I ran our fleet didn't get the reward but I understand that the Phantasm BPC (15 run) drop was picked up by one in the fleet. :) How much is this worth, think about it, nice drop, in Hi Sec, imaging this in Low Sec.

HQ site (the rewards nearly as good as the mothership, but not competing with anyone)
  • Max Fleet 40-50 (logi 8-10)
  • LPS 7000
  • 30 million ISK
  • Need BS(20) and BC(10)
Vanguard (You can ran many of these in smaller fleets)
  • Max Fleet 11 (3 logi)
  • LPS 2000
  • 10 million ISK
  • Need BC(3) BS (4) + hacking (1 interceptor/frigate)
What do I want from the corp:
  1. Run in fleets as a Corp when Incursions are up, everyone can see what.
  2. When no Incursions, run Missions L4/5 in fleets, work together, to bring anyone along to help with fleet mechanices
  3. Setup some kind of Ship Replacement Program. Therefore miners can support the corp, as we always need Ore. The production of ammo and ships can't be that hard (well I can production T1 ships and ammo myself, well I do).
  4. HAVE FUN :)

Note to Self - Play more :)

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