Thursday, 17 February 2011

Qash Moved Again

Capsuleer report 17022011-1

Now member of:
Quantum Visionworks [Q.V]

Why the move you may ask?

Well I was hoping to run Incursion sites with a group and build up our team working skills. But there wasn't many online at the same time as myself. So I started looking elsewhere.

After being excepted into Q.V I have already ran in a corp fleet op, ok only mining (in an Orca). But we chatted, a little banter and getting to know you chat. All good.

I'm having to move to Amarr/Caldari space, but as one of my goals is to increase my Empire Faction standings to 0 for all, this will help.

PI - started up my Nanite Repair Paste manufacture again, the new PI changes seem to of made it easier to produce the Paste, from start picking planets to producing the first couple of runs for market less than 48 hours.

Level 1 missions are fun, fitting T1 frigates to speed run these great. Hopefully not too long before lvl2 mission agents become available.

Note to Self - happier now :)

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