Sunday, 24 June 2012

Qash Enlisted

Capsuleer report 24062012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 39,890th

Thats right joined the Caldari Militia. Why join as a corp? Well my empolyment history is not affected by joining/leaving FW.

Liquidated much of my assets to prep for war.
Fitted out a 'Wolf' while I see what I can do to help the cause.

Looking for pew pew, so thought I'd start in Gallente Space.

The First thing I noticed is that the Gallente Navy doesn't give you alot of time to fight. If there are none on the gate you arrive too, it takes not much longer than 8 second for them too, then once they appear another 8 seconds before their engage.
System Sec status only seems to change the Navy ship types not the timings.

First Kill was Iteron happened to come to the gate I was on. A bit of an easy kill, (I wasn't alone hope I wasn't stepping on fellow Militia members toes), best bit was the victims comments (I have edited this):
Famina Arnerette > f**kers ill get you for that

Second kill was more what I hoped for. While on the gate a 'Ferox' arrived within 5km and started to shoot. My first mistake now resolved, not on the correct overview TAB so I didn't see him until I started to taken damage (noob!!!).
So I jumped through the gate, to gave myself sometime to set up. Basically warped to a safe then back to gate.
I arrived back as the Ferox de-cloaked, so I approached, lucky for me the fellow Militia pilot appeared and the Ferox swapped targets, but he continued to targeted me by his drones which I promptly removed from the field. Then it was a basic who could be finished off first,  which was the Fexor

'gf' from all, which it was.

Note to Self - More pew pew :p

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