Monday, 25 June 2012

Qash Wash

Capsuleer report 25062012-1

Killboard Review:
Battleclinic rated 38,242th

My wolf has some limits, which I'm trying to iron out, but one of them isn't dps.

Pew pew continues:-

Imicus this one confused me as it didn't even shot back until I noticed no ammo! Also I didn't pod her as I wasn't sure on the etiquette of podding, but Militia chat pointed out my future actions:  
kill them all!

I was run off once when there was a Hurricane, which seemed to be escorting someone, I couldn't get in range. I love flying the cane, so I'm a little weary taking one on, solo, he seemed to be up for a fight. Which I suspect wouldn't be a good omen for me to engage.

Now the next kill was fun not with the kill but the eve mail I got in return.

An Iteron MkIII out ran me, as I chased it a couple of jumps,I can't understand why? Then as I set myself up again he returned which I then got him, Iteron Mark III I was then bad and podded him, I suspect the reason the eve mail came:
"i hope that an iteron scrab is enough for your hunger because you are stupid to attak an empty ship ... or just you didnt eat your brunch this morning ... or any erason to be nasty like you ... go go rush all newbie in small rookie ship !"

I'll not answer directly (unless he reads this), but the pilot is over 18 months old, and not in a noobie ship. WAR, doesn't follow 'The Marquess of Queensberry Rules'

Two points of interest:

1) The 'loyalty points' for a pod are fairly low:- only 4 for the eve-mailer. So I may not pod many, it does make me feel bad :)
2) Wreaks are highlighted in yellow, so use to only looting white or blue ones, I have lost out to others, even the empty Iteron MkIII :)

Note to Self - Good Fight to all Victims and Victors.   gf

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